It’s me, G! So what does, the “G” stand for? First, I should probably tell you what it doesn’t stand for: Gina, Giovanni, Gianini, Gida, Gioanna… Some of those are closer than others but the correct answer is.. Giovanna! Over the years I have had some creative mispronunciations and misspellings of my name so I dropped a few letters and started going by G. I’m a NYC based freelance video editor and content creator but I travel often, so stick around to see where I am headed next! People often think I am vegan, but truthfully, I just love vegetables. Aside from my passion for food and travel, I’m also a published poet, with a love for all things creative. In fact, my YouTube channel is all about sharing my adventures in the kitchen and on the road. My most popular series, “Quirky Cooking,” is where I cook from old or interesting cookbooks. Oh, by the way, if you were wondering what I am holding in this photo, it’s actually the vegetable cucuzza, which was grown in my father’s garden and happens to be one of my favorite summer vegetables.